Questionable Changes

I have no regrets in life of any decisions that I have made… There are some decisions that I will coin “questionable changes.” Questionable changes to me is when you had many options to choose from but are not sure if the option you chose was the best at the time you picked it. I have had many situations where I made “questionable changes.” One of my most “questionable change” was quitting my job and trying to be an entrepreneur of some sort. To this day I am still tweaking what I want to do because I am really good at my crafts. I guess I don’t know where to begin.

When I became pregnant the second time around, I knew instantaneously that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I didn’t have the chance to do this with my first-born because I was a teen mom and wanted to go to college and be independent (this story is a whole other blog post that will be published later on, I promise). So when my daughter came, her dad and I decided that I will not be returning to work but I will be working for myself, somehow, someway. This was one big “questionable change.”

I have always been a worker, a dedicated hard worker for my paycheck. I lived to work for someone and show them my talents and work myself to the bone but never complained about my workload. It wasn’t until a year ago I began to feel that I needed a change but didn’t know what that change was. From being an employee to becoming self-employed was another “questionable change” for me because I didn’t plan it so to speak but I knew in my heart I wanted to give it a try. Boy was this hard!

Becoming self-employed is a phenomenon that takes planning, time, and dedication. I rushed into things and now I am at a crucial point that if I do not begin making some kind of money soon, I might have to go back to work. My goal is to be a stay at home mom that is self-employed, but I need guidance on what should I do or where do I begin. I have skills that I can market and make good money from it but I don’t know how to get started. I have plenty of support and have been reading motivation starter books but I need to turn all of these thoughts into a reality. To be honest I am scared!

There I said it! I am finally breaking down and telling the whole world the truth. I am scared! Scared of failing, scared of not being successful and not falling on employers to have my back and most importantly, I am putting myself out there. I am the quiet type and always in the background. My voice was always muted and I always hid behind my work. Guess what? I found my voice and I want to be heard! This is the main reason why I am putting myself out there. I am and will be successful and I will put myself out there to be judged and criticized but the difference is I have a voice and I will speak up for myself and listen but be heard! Those shy day are long gone!

Sit back world and enjoy the ride…