I really don’t have a clear thought but I am feeling a flood of mixed emotions. I am happy because I was able to accomplish so much today. I am attentive because I didn’t have any distractions from mini me (she took a nap and now is out for a walk with grandpa). But I got so lost that I didn’t blog today and I am pretty bummed by it. I want to keep this momentum going and not fall behind. So I am here just to say a few words and feel complete for the day!!!


Hello world!

Welcome to Naturalcentric Me Personal Blog Page!!!! I am so excited because I have never did a blog before. I have so much to say and I am glad to have a platform to share and maybe help or inspire someone. There will be some funny blogs as well as some serious ones but overall, my blog will be a good read (I hope). I was inspired to do this blog after I had my second child. I am a stay at home mom and left my job to raise her. Since I been home, I have been happy for the most part but bored as hell out of my mind! Then I started writing in a journal about my thoughts and just randomness that I can’t even put in categories. It was then I realized that I love writing and I really need to just put out my thoughts because someone might can use the message I am letting out.

These thoughts are my inner truths and through my experience. I am in no way an expert in anything but myself. I know my likes and desires and someone might have the same ideologies as me. I hope you enjoy my very first blog post and please feel free to comment.

Thanks and welcome!!!!


Naturalcentric Me