Never Give Up! Keep on Pushing…

Have you ever felt like giving up on a goal or dream? Have you ever felt defeated or that you couldn’t move forward in life because you haven’t accomplished your goal or dream? Well I have felt this way one time or another in my life and I am here to say that I overcame this fear or ordeal and so can you! There are five little rules that I follow every single day to overcome my shortcomings.

The first rule to remember is that there is no clear path in life for you to follow. Life always will have bumps in the roads and even road blocks. You must seek other routes and be prepared for detours. I have personally experienced this and here is how I overcame it: don’t give up and ask for help when needed! I am very private and very rarely will disclose to anyone especially family that I need help. If I am struggling, I will just continue to struggle and break down silently when no one is around. This is a HUGE mistake! When I did this, I became so depressed that I wanted to end everything and just run away. I just couldn’t deal until the little voice inside me said, “ask for help.” Those simple three words saved my life and helped me deal with my depression.

The second rule is it is okay when you ask for help and someone says, “NO.” This word is enough to drive you crazy especially when you are in need of help and someone just flat-out say “NO.” This was a crucial reason why I refused to ask for help because I despise being turned down. It is the most demoralizing feeling when someone shuts you down especially without any explanation or reason behind it. But you have to believe in your soul that for every “NO” there is a “YES“! It is so true! Look at your life and everything you have accomplished. For every “NO” that was said to you, that “YES” has brought you through.

The third rule is to have faith when the word “NO” is used and believe that a “YES” will pull you through. Now that I have got accustomed to hearing “NO“, my faith in a higher power takes over and I started seeking for an answer. For every answer that I was seeking, I received affirmations of “YES” I can do it and if I ask someone for help and they say “NO” then I will ask someone else until I get a “YES.” It is that simple! Someone will eventually say “YES” and when they do, it is a breath of fresh air because you no longer have to suffer alone!

The fourth rule is taking the “YES” and applying it, utilize, and reclaim. Once someone eventually help me, I take what they gave to me and apply it to my need. When my need was satisfied, I reclaim my independence! I can now go forward in life with my head high and embrace those hurdles and detours that has blocked my path. You too can do the same.

The fifth and final rule is to “NEVER GIVE UP! KEEP ON PUSHING…” No explanation necessary!