The Gift

It is dark! I am alone in my thoughts. Nothing depressing just random ideas passing by. I can’t make out what all these thoughts mean or how to interpret these thoughts but I need to get it together. I am struggling to gather and collect things. I see this one particular thought in my mind that has my mind racing, the thought of what road to take in my life. I have to admit, when I was younger, I had no clue what I wanted to do so I made some “questionable changes” in my life and pretty much wasted so much time.┬áNow that I am older, I am on the same boat of uncertainty. I really need to figure this ish out….

As I turned over to change the thoughts of uncertainty, my eyes open! I am blessed to see a new day and have another chance to figure out where I am going in life. I didn’t drop everything for nothing to pursue my passion! I have a purpose! I just need to let today lead the way and pray that I live to see tomorrow so I can see the path I am destined to follow. This is my gift!