Thoughts of Yesterday….

When I think of yesterday, it becomes bittersweet. My yesterday can range from literally yesterday to yesteryear. Some yesterdays I block out because it be too painful or something I wish to forget about and move forward. I have a hard time trying to get over my yesterdays and move forward which causes me to stumble and fall. I have such a hard time moving ahead and letting go!

I try to let go in every way possible and the only way for me to really get over is if I #hashtag a song with something or an emotion I am going through (#yesterdaybyMaryMary). This song is so powerful and true to me especially the part when Erica of Mary Mary sang,

I decided that I cried my last tears yesterday….

Boy when she hits that high note, it sends chills up and down my spine because I can feel the power in song. I need to let things go and cry my last tears and leave it in yesterday! The message in crying your last tears resonate so much truth and uplifting emotions because we all are going to cry but after crying is laughter. Laughter solves everything and even though life has some pain and misfortune, there are some goodness that can come out of life the moment you let go of yesterday. I can testify to that and today, I am smiling and so happy and free because I let go of yesterday.